Family Fun Magazine on the Cheap!

I absolutely adore this magazine! Yes, it's all about family fun and crafts and super creative ideas to do with your children and family. I especially love their birthday party ideas!! You can see my post HERE where I made a sand castle birthday cake for my daughters using the exact recipe and instructions from Family Fun. They LOVED it!!

Now you can get a 1-year subscription (10 issues) for only $6.95 through Amazon! That's a fabulous deal that I just cannot pass up.

The price says $9.95, but a $3 credit will appear at checkout (no coupon code required) reducing the price down to $6.95. Plus, this item ships free and helps you qualify for free shipping if you're looking to get anything else from Amazon.

Most items, if shipped by Amazon themselves, qualify for free shipping once you reach a total of $25 or more. This magazine would put you $6.95 closer to reaching $25!


Lynn said...

I am also a fan of Family Fun Mag and this is the cheapest I have ever seen it...
Thanks Stephanie !

busy mom said...

Thanks I did this and forgot that I had a gc that I had used a while back and it remembered when I keyed in my info. so I got it for 4.28 then since I am a member of reservation rewards - it is $12 mo. but it pays for itself so many times over. you get b1g1 dinners which they give you points , plus you get 50 pts. each mo. plus so, so much more -oh yeah pts. you turn in for gc , so I will be getting one next mo. and I am going to use that to pay for our dinner (b1g1) and get more pts.
ok, I sent a copy of the email from the order to reservation rewards b/c they will send you a check of any magazine up to $14.95!
so I will have check in a couple of wks and the magazine will be free.



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