A Few Publix Deals coming...

Today is grocery list day in my house, so the planning begins for the upcoming week! How do I get started?? First, I check my pantry and freezer to see what I can make meals out of. Next, I check the sales at my favorite grocery store. Fiddledeedee Mom has Publix deals all laid out with coupon match-ups listed HERE! Thanks, Sarah for all your hard work on putting all this together!! It makes my life so much easier!

Here are a few of my favorites for the week...

$1 off Baked Lays
These are priced at $3/bag, so use the coupon and it'll be $2/bag!
Because we do burgers in our house regularly, this will be a decently "healthy" option to put alongside.

$.75 off 2 Yoplait Go-Gurt
These are BOGO at Publix, so your total will be around $2.34/2!
This will be a fun treat for the kids this week.

$1 off Crystal Light Drink Mix or $2 off 2 Crystal Light Drink Mixes
(Total of 4 coupons available to print!)
These are also BOGO at Publix, making your total (after 2 coupons) around $2.11/2!


Shannon said...

I think there is a target q for the baked lays too.

Stephanie said...

Shannon ~
I don't see this coupon offered on A Full Cup any longer... maybe it's expired? I do remember seeing it though.

Margery said...

I had trouble with the coupon printer at A full cup earlier today. You can also print all the unexpired Target coupons at Hot Coupon World, and I have fewer troubles there. (I like the AFC forums better, though.)

Candi said...

Don't forget the Go-Gurt is a great frozen treat too for the kids. My daughter thinks they are frozen ice cream!!!


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