FREE Blockbuster Express Movie!!

Blockbuster is testing out a new service to their customers. In select city markets, you may start finding these "Blueboxes" pop up.

For those of you in the Dallas, TX or Oklahoma City, OK areas, check out this deal on a FREE movie rental! Find a nearby Circle K station and you might just find a "Bluebox". Click on your city above for locations.

Through May 28th, enter the code MALL at checkout and receive your movie for free.


Anonymous said...

Be careful when returning a movie, it stores your Credit Card information and you don't stay until the next screen comes up, anyone can walk up and rent a movie at your expense. Be advised, the Blockbuster lady said, 'return your movie and you're done.' WRONG. Wait around to be sure none of your information is hanging around.

Steve said...

With these machines popping up everywhere I've started up a blog just to talk about Blockbuster Express. I'll be looking for and publishing any promo codes I find!

Check it out at http://www.insideblockbusterexpress.com and follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/insidebbexpress

Anonymous said...

The blockbuster people MUST be absolute morons. Except for the $1
sign there are no instructions on their machines, no return times, no info at all !!!


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