Troubleshooting Website Tip

I have heard from numerous readers how frustrating it can be to click on a link on this site and after a few clicks you're lost online trying to find your way back to this site. In other words, you're having to click on one link, then another, then another, etc and when it's all said and done, you're having to retype in www.couponsavinggame.com to get back to where you were.

So, here's my tip. Instead of clicking on the link like you normally would, Right Click on the link and a tab will come up like this:

Then Left Click on "Open Link in New Tab". This will keep Coupon Saving Game open exactly where you're leaving it and allowing you to go visit the link. And you'll be able to click back on the tab and be right where you left off!

I am in the midst of figuring out the html (website language) to allow my readers to simply click on the links without having to go through this extra step, but in the meantime, I hope this helps!



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