A Fun Birthday Cake Idea!

My little boy turned 3 yesterday! I am constantly amazed at how quickly our children grow. For weeks he had been talking about his "Bug Cake" he would get on his birthday. We found a picture of it in our Southern Living Kid's Cookbook and did a little variation on it.

Here's the end result:

To make this cake, I used 1 cake mix, 1 tub of white frosting mixed with green food coloring, 1 package of shoestring licorice, 1 small bag of M&M's, and Store brand Oreo cookies.

I used a bundt cake pan, baked the cake, and cut it in half to arrange it in an "S" pattern on the platter. Then, we frosted and decorated!

He loved helping me put the M&M's on and crushing the Oreos to make them look like dirt.

This was a fun cake to make with my very excited son. And he had NO problem gobbling down a slice of his "bug"!

If you're doing a "bug-themed" birthday party, this might be the cake for you. :)


hkathleen said...

Hey Stephanie,
That cake is cute. Happy Birthday to your son. Very cute. Sounds like you all had fun.
Kathleen,Stephanie and Steven

Anonymous said...

Sweet cake (no pun intended! though I'm sure it was sweet too)

Jennifer said...

WOW! That is awesome!!


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