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new mommy! said...

Dear Stephanie,
I just wanted to thank you for being passionate about saving money through your grocery bill. I am very good friends with the manager at Ann Taylor whom you met about 3 weeks ago. She passed one of your cards along to me because I am also passionate about saving in the same way believing as you do that I am spending God's money and should do so wisely so I would clip coupons and proudly save $10-$12 each week. My friends think I am amazing doing this....but you have taken it to another level. I studied your site for about two weeks and learned so much about how to layer coupons and what can go with what and how to shop at CVS and Walgreens.....Your talent is amazing. I want you to know that I officially played the game last night between CVS, Walgreens, and Publix. My bill without doing anything would have been $243.92, but after the game it was $147.32 as savings of about $96 - WOW. I came home shining last night. I know that the more I do it, the better it is going to get. My husband couldn't believe it because I have dropped $100 at publix before and only had 5 bags of stuff. He had to make 3 trips to bring it all in!!!!! Our son is 3 months old and was adopted, so we have been contending with some extra expenses and didn't know where we could cut the fat....who knew it was our grocery bill. I am greatful to you for developing your talent to the extent you have and don't ever think that no one wants to here this stuff...look what a simple conversation in Ann Taylor did for me. By the way I called her as soon as I was done last night to tell her.....she can't wait to try it!!

Thanks So Much!!

Stephanie said...

New Mommy,
I absolutely remember talking with the ladies at Ann Taylor. I had no idea they would pass my site along to you, but I'm so glad they did! I'm so excited for you and your incredible savings!! We have also adopted and understand the expenses involved in doing so. I pray that God blesses your desire to save more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie! I am new to couponing, and have loved your resources so far! I have a quick question about Publix 10 Items for 10$ deals in this week's ad. Can you use coupons on those specials? And, also, I have resources of store coupon policies printed in my coupon binder, but encounter trouble sometimes, as the tellers often think I am "pulling" one on them with using 2 coupons for the BOGO items. Do you have any suggestions or "etiquette" for such situations? I always use common courtesy, but often managers are called over, the line backs up, customers behind me are frustrated, and the manager ends up being waffly. This is at multiple stores too! It seems as although I do my research and couponing, they are amazed that I find great deals and want to hinder my savings! ;)


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