Simply Earn Bucks By Searching Online!

Search & Win

Maybe you've seen this image on my sidebar... I get questions all the time asking, "What is Swagbucks all about?"

The quick answer:
Swagbucks is the simplest way to earn points, bucks, and essentially money toward your purchases.

Here's how it works:
  1. Go to Swagbucks.com and register your email account for free. This is simply your login information.

  2. Download the Swagbucks Toolbar for easy searching online. This is completely OPTIONAL, but I've found it to be a nice way to search very easily. It appears much like a Google toolbar looks.

  3. Search for whatever you're looking for online via Swagbucks. This works just as if you were searching for a deal on your favorite jeans via Google or Yahoo!. You can search for anything.

  4. You'll randomly receive "swagbucks" which will show up in your account.

  5. Cash your swagbucks in for a $5 Amazon.com gift card, $10 Starbucks gift card, Paypal cash, $20 Target.com gift card, or one of their many other gift cards or merchandise options.



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