Classic Christmas Gifts Continued...

You might remember my recent post HERE on Christmas gifts to build on. You might also have figured out by now that I'm not big on battery-operated toys... Typically when the batteries run out, we don't replace them (sometimes out of our own sanity). :)

Well, here's a discount deal I came across tonight while perusing the toy aisles at Target. First, let me tell you that I have a daughter who has been wanting an American Girl doll for almost a year (probably from my own doing of letting her dream through the American Girl catalog that comes almost monthly in the mail)...

We've discussed that the American Girl dolls can be quite pricey, so in search of a "look-alike", I found a less expensive option - the Our Generation dolls. I've seen these available at Target and Amazon.

Julie (American Girl Doll) OR Eva (Our Generation Doll)

The difference?? Julie costs between $95-$169 plus tax & shipping. Eva costs $29.99 plus tax and ships for free via Amazon.

Similarities: Both come with a book and have similar body styles and size.

Of course there are different dolls available in each brand, but these are the 2 I chose to compare.

Though I realize some girls will only like the American Girl dolls because of their name and quality, but if you're wavering on the cost, you might want to consider purchasing an Our Generation doll and see if your daughter likes it.

If you want to splurge on the American Girl outfits, according to reviews, they should fit the Our Generation dolls or vice versa.

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Anonymous said...

i already tried the same thing 2 years ago...my sweet daughter was asking for an american girl doll for about 5 years but i couldn't spend the money..she was okay with the my/our generation doll for a short while (probably only for my sake since she knows we are very frugal)but i am going to bite the bullet and get her one this year...no big gifts for me this year but i am more than willing to sacrifice :o)


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