Make Your Own Advent Calendar!

I have always loved Advent Calendars and continue the tradition with my own children.

Christy @ The Bargain Jargon has a great post on a homemade Advent Calendar! I liked it so much, I wanted to share it here.

I know tomorrow's December 1st already, but if you want to get creative, this might be a "Day 1" activity for you and your kids.

Go HERE to check it out.


Angie.... said...

We use a advent calender every year! I found a wooden one a few years ago that we use and the elfs leave candy in each night..lol.- last night even my 17 year old said guess what its dec 1- talking about the calender..i love family traditions..lol.

Christy said...

Thanks for the kind words and sharing my calendar Stephanie!


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