Best Deal on All You Magazine!!

When talking about All You magazine, I usually promote Amazon.com as the best price out there, however I just came across an even better deal at $8.99 for 1-year through Magazines.com when you shop through ShopAtHome!

Here's the Deal for a 1-year subscription:
Amazon.com = $19.95
Magazines.com = $19.97

Takes these steps to save even more:
  1. Sign up with ShopAtHome HERE, and you'll automatically earn $5. If you're already registered with ShopAtHome, this is still a fabulous deal!
  2. Search for Magazines.com and you'll notice that you will receive 30% back with each purchase.
  3. Once you're linked to Magazines.com via ShopAtHome, search for All You.
  4. After purchase, your final price will be $13.99/1-year and if this is you've just signed up with ShopAtHome, it's like paying $8.99!! What a fabulous savings!!
(Thanks, MomsNeedToKnow!)


Designed with Purpose said...

Hey Stephanie,

I love all of your deals so I'm so not complaining! But I just purchased the All You subscription and I didn't get any of those deals, I was still charged $19.97. I didn't see the 30% back with purchase thing. Maybe I just did it wrong???
I was going to buy it anyways at amazon so I didn't lose any money!

Stephanie said...

Designed with Purpose ~
The 30% back comes from ShopAtHome. If you purchased All You via their link to Magazines.com, you'll receive the 30% on you ShopAtHome page. It may take a little time before it shows up.


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