Coupon Super Savers!

Welcome to the first week of Coupon Super Savers!!

You can view my full shopping trip HERE with the savings breakdown. However, in order to help everyone save more, I've created this weekly post for you to share your savings and deals. So, how did you save this week?! Feel free to do a little braggin'!

This is open to any store and any deal you've snatched up this week. (Use of coupons is not necessary, but certainly welcomed!) Here are a few instructions on how to leave a link:
  1. Blog about your deals. If you don't have a blog, you can simply leave a comment.
  2. Every Friday, come by and leave a direct link to your deals to make it simple for all of us to navigate straight to your deals. (Do not leave simply a link to your blog.)
  3. To help others find what they might be interested in, please identify your store name in the title somewhere.
  4. Please keep in mind that this is for your own personal deals you got this week, not general lists of store deals.


Frugal Friend said...

Thanks for letting me know about your new link-up! I love hearing how others are saving. Keeps me motivated.

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Thanks! Love saving money and seeing what everyone is buying!

Modern Day Mom said...

Thanks for inviting me to link! Love be able to share and see everyone else's great finds!

Martha said...

This was a great week for me, too. I did wonderful deals at Rite Aid for the BOGO Stayfree Pads (with a BOGO Q so I paid sales tax only) and CVS on the SoyJoy bars. I was disappointed to not be able to do the Electrasol Finish deal at WAGS (they were out of the product).

Couponing to be Debt Free said...

Thanks for inviting me to post. I will be back next Friday. I love to read about other people's deals!


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