Coupon SUPER Savers!

I'm finding it can be a little difficult to stay in my $50/week budget when I'm buying more natural and preservative-free foods... I'm still learning in this area. It's a piece of cake for me to buy just any ole' food and stay in that budget. That, I can do! However, I am determined to stay in a healthier food diet for an entire year, and perhaps through this year, I will learn the knack of staying in a low budget. Feel free to follow me in my efforts as I post my weekly shopping deals.

Here are my finds at Publix this week. (Notice how I slipped in the Bob Evans Mac & Cheese?!) It was too good a deal to pass up when I know my hubby loves Mac & Cheese!!

Click HERE to see my full breakdown.

How did you do this week?! Feel free to do a little braggin'!

This is open to any store and any deal you've snatched up this week. (Use of coupons is not necessary, but certainly welcomed!) Here are a few instructions on how to leave a link:
  1. Blog about your deals. If you don't have a blog, you can simply leave a comment.
  2. Every Friday, come by and leave a direct link to your deals to make it simple for all of us to navigate straight to your deals. (Do not leave simply a link to your blog.)
  3. To help others find what they might be interested in, please identify your store name in the title somewhere.
  4. Please keep in mind that this is for your own personal deals you got this week, not general lists of store deals.


The Frugal Bug said...

Thanks for the linky! Happy Friday!

Hot Deal said...

Sound Cool!! I think my Friends really love it, thanks for sharing


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