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momma-lana said...

I opened my email from Mambo Sprouts in my Yahoo account yesterday and ended up with a very nasty virus on my laptop. Hubby is not sure at this point if it is Yahoo or Mambo Sprouts. Anyone else having this problem?

Stephanie said...

Momma-Lana ~ I had a virus attempt yesterday too... I wonder if it came from that email! It looked as though it was an anti-virus software starting up. Is this what yours looked like?? I immediately shut down my computer then started it and ran my Norton scan. Everything seemed okay, but it was scary for a minute there.

momma-lana said...

That is exactly what happened and it took my hubby alot of work to restore my computer. I have gotten this same virus 3 days in a row from opening emails in Yahoo. I kind of want to stay off Yahoo after this but we have a daughter overseas and this is how we communicate with her. The virus came from someone who is not a native English speaker as the message popping up in the bubble was a poor translation.

momma-lana said...

Did a search and the Yahoo groups moderator says it is only connected to Yahoo groups and you will only get the virus if you click okay. I did not click okay OR go to any groups. Seems Manbo Sprouts was one way I got it and also an All You email, I don't know what did it the 3rd time.


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