Thank you! Keep it Up!

I'm moving up in the TopMommyBlogs, but I still need more votes. If you haven't already, I would love it if you could simply click HERE. Just by clicking, your vote is counted. There are no extra steps.

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

While you're there, click around and visit more fabulous blogging moms. I'm ranked at #34 right now, but would LOVE to make it into the Top 25!

UPDATE: Coupon Saving Game is now at #30! Almost there!!


christy said...

I just clicked through, and you are #31 now!

Stephanie said...

Thank you!! This morning I saw that I'm at #30. You guys are awesome!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You made the top 25. Congrats. I love your site!!!!


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