Coupon SUPER Savers!

In attempting a more structured meal plan for the week, my budget was increased slightly. But check out all the produce I got and all this for only $82!

Click HERE for the full breakdown.

But enough about me... :) Please, tell me how you saved this week! This kind of selfish for me as I truly LOVE seeing your savings each week. And I'm usually able to grab a few more deals for the week, so thank you! I know many of you love the Coupon SUPER Savers for that same reason.

This is open to any store and any deal you've snatched up this week. (Use of coupons is not necessary, but certainly welcomed!) Here are a few instructions on how to leave a link:
  1. Blog about your deals. If you don't have a blog, you can simply leave a comment.
  2. Every Friday, come by and leave a direct link to your deals to make it simple for all of us to navigate straight to your deals. (Do not leave simply a link to your blog.)
  3. To help others find what they might be interested in, please identify your store name in the title somewhere.
  4. Please keep in mind that this is for your own personal deals you got this week, not general lists of store deals.

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Super Coupon Lady said...

Thanks for letting us link up!!!!


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