FREE Summer Movies!!

I've been loving the summer movie programs ever since my oldest daughter was old enough to go to a movie theater and sit still through a movie... This seems to be an older age for my younger son, however. He has a hard time sitting still for 5 minutes, let alone an hour and 15 minutes or longer! You see, he's very social and to keep quiet for that long just doesn't make sense to him.

Anyways, I wanted to give you the heads up on these fabulous FREE or almost free summer movies you can find in your town or nearby.

Regal Cinemas is probably my favorite in our area as they seem to have the nicer movie theaters and it's absolutely FREE! To find showtimes in your area, click HERE. Select your state and scroll down to find a theatre in your area.

AMC Movies also offers a summer movie program ...or camp. Click HERE to look up the schedule for your area. They typically charge $1.00 per movie and the proceeds benefit a charity. (Not sure the schedule is up quite yet, but it will be very soon.)

These are the two theaters I know of that free summer movies. If you have another theater I should feature, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

This is definitely one of my favorite freebies that just about anyone can enjoy!

If you're not sure about the movie selection, Plugged-In is a great resource for family-based movie reviews. Simply enter the title of the movie you're interested in seeing and read the review on the movie.



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