WEEKLY MENU PLAN (Can you believe it?!)

Except Mondays just don't work for me... So, we'll go with MENU PLAN Thursday! Think it'll catch on?! haha

I don't normally show off my menu plan since it's not usually a strong point in my frugal living. But since I started with e-Mealz, it's becoming moreso. I can't share the e-Mealz menus (you have to pay for that), but I will share the meals that I've added to keep my costs down. I typically use at least 3 meals from my e-Mealz menu each week and add a few of my own that are super simplified. This is actually a great week for the e-Mealz menu, but I still have to keep my costs down and I couldn't help but add my own Turkey Tacos since I have nearly everything in stock already for them - and I need to use it up!

Meatball Hoagies
My simplified e-Mealz Meal
4 Hoagie Rolls ($1.99)
1 bag Publix Meatballs, 16 oz ($2.99)
1 jar Pasta Sauce (stockpile)
Mozzarella cheese (stockpile)
= $4.98

Turkey Tacos
1-lb ground turkey (stockpile)
1 pkt taco seasoning (stockpile)
1 can refried beans ($1.00 Taco Bell brand)
1 pkg soft tortillas (stockpile)
Shredded lettuce (on-hand)
Fresh diced tomatoes ($.75)
Shredded cheddar cheese (stockpile)
1 jar salsa ($1.50 w/Q Newman's Own brand)
Sour cream (on-hand)

Apricot Chicken
e-Mealz Meal
= $2.65

Garlic Tilapia w/Angel Hair Pasta & Steamed Veggies
e-Mealz Meal
= $9.38

Pizza Night
2 Publix Pizza Dough ($3.58)
1/2 jar pasta sauce (stockpile)
16 oz shredded Mozzarella ($3.00 w/Q Cabot brand)
Boar's Head pepperoni, 10 thin slices ($1.25)
Spinach (on-hand)
Ground beef ($1.50)
Parmesan cheese (on-hand)
= $9.33

Blueberry Pancakes
Blueberries, 1-pt ($1.50)
All other ingredients (on-hand)
= $1.50

Leftovers or Sandwich Night

So, there you have it. My total for dinners for the week will round out at only $35.32 for our family of 5! I'll add in some staple items to my list such as milk and eggs and of course some of the fantastic "Best Of" Publix Deals, and I'll probably end up making my own bread this week as well. I plan on doing a little baking ahead this week. I'll try to share my baking with you too if I get to it all!

This has been a crazy week!! And now, I'm making it a little crazier... Check out My Publix Deals later today as I head out to do my shopping for the week.



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