MENU PLAN Thursday!

I'm keeping it simple this week and going by e-Mealz's Menu Plan. I'm sorry I can't share it with you, but it's not too expensive if you want to try it out. For a 3-month plan, I pay only $15 (about $1.25 per week).

If you're Menu Plan Challenged like me, you may be interested. Check out some of their sample menus HERE before you decide.


Anonymous said...

$15.00 per month just for a menu plan that is outrageous!
Most budgets today can not afford that we are spending $30 per week on food and hoping it last $15.00 just for menu plan. What planet do these people live on! Sure if you make $90k a year that is reasonable but if you are like most of America and you only earn around $55K per year tithe 10% and try to save 10% for retirement then after needs housing, transportation and food, there is not money left for $15 per month menu planning.-LOL

Stephanie said...

Anonymous ~ Just to clarify, the $15 is not per month. It's for 3 months, making it $5/month. I think it's quite a reasonable amount if you consider how many people eat out because they don't have a plan for dinner.

There are all sorts of people, mindsets, and perspectives. I know this might not be for everyone. In fact, I used e-Mealz for a short time a few years ago and decided it didn't help me at that time in my life. However, it's been a great help to me with my busier schedule recently and my husband and kids love having planned meals each night.

Anonymous said...

also...you can get a code for a discount of 3.00 off of the 15.00 for 3 months...i think it DAVE (for dave ramsey) but check it out on retailmenot.com for the current code.


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