Dust off that stove!

It must be the somewhat cooler weather that northern Florida brings this time of year... but, this week I've been getting the itch to cook and bake. In the summer months, I dread turning my oven on as it heats up our entire house. But today I found myself at Books-A-Million browsing the discounted books... then slowly working my way to the cookbooks section. Oh to have all of the cookbooks on the shelves!! Let's see, Artisian Breads in Five Minutes a Day, yes please! Doesn't the name of it just sound like a fabulous thing?!

Then, I came across Ree Drummond's (The Pioneer Woman) cookbook and started flipping pages. I had been wanting to get my hands on this cookbook for a while now just to see if I'd like it. If you're at all familiar with her website, you'll love her book. She keeps it real with step by step pictures to help guide you and keep your cooking interesting. I loved it! ...until I looked at the price... $27!!! I can't bring myself to pay it.

So, that's why I shop online! Repeat after me... You can shop at the stores, but do not buy until you've checked out the price on Amazon. Can you believe Amazon.com has the exact cookbook on sale for only $15.23 right now, and it's available for FREE shipping with any order of $25 or more. That's my route. For less than the price of the book on the shelf, I'll get this one and some other $10 fabulous cookbook - not sure which one yet.

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Paige Harshbarger said...

Try Half.com (an affiliate of eBay) I love it. And I cound your book cheaper there. : )

The link is:


Happy cooking!



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