Everyday Money Saving Tips: Part 1

As we’ve gone through a job loss, my eyes have been opened to all sorts of ways to pinch our pennies even more. I thought I’d share some practical tips on how you can save money in ways outside of coupons.Let’s talk TV. . . I’ve got to be honest with you. Our family likes our television time. It helps my husband and I unwind at the end of a day. It’s a great distraction for my kids when Mommy needs some "down time". From ESPN for the hubs to Food Network for the dreaming chef inside of me, it’s just a nice amenity to have in our lives.

However, sometimes finances are tight. Whatever the circumstance - whether it’s a job loss, need for home or auto repair, or just trying to cut expenses – I have found it absolutely do-able to cut out TV. Gasp! I can’t believe I just said that…

No really, you can do it. Here’s how. First of all, there are SO many resources to get your television “fix” as we may call it. There's probably even more than this, but I’m listing a few here…

INTERNET Based Options:

Using a VGA cable like this one as well as an audio cable (for newer televisions) will allow you to connect your computer/laptop to your television. Your computer screen will show on your television. It’s that simple! Check your computer and TV for connections then go talk to a computer guru at the store if you're not sure what I'm talking about. Trust me, I didn't know until I asked. UPDATE: I found a great site to walk you through connecting your PC to your TV HERE.

~ A favorite of mine! You can watch free movies, television series shows, and more right from your computer.

Crackle.com ~ A site to watch free movies, television shows, and more from your computer.

~ One of my husband’s favorites. He’s able to watch football and other sports with this fabulous online “channel.”

~ Shows episodes as early as a day behind regularly scheduled program time.

~ Shows episodes as early as a day behind regularly scheduled program time.

~ Shows episodes as early as a day behind regularly schedule program time.

~ Shows episodes as early as a day behind regularly scheduled program time.

Amazon.com Video on Demand
~ From $.99 to $3.99, rent movie from your computer. Use Swagbucks to get FREE Amazon.com giftcards, making these free.

NON-INTERNET Based Options:

Digital to Analog Television Converter
~ You may already have one! The government was handing out free $40 coupons for these a while back. Amazon sells them for around $50. Here's one for only $40! Buy it once and never pay again. Depending on your area, you should receive local channels and more. You may need to buy those attractive rabbit ear antennas, but all in all your total expense is around $50-$70. For some, this is less than the cost of one month’s cable or satellite service!

Library ~ I’ve mentioned it before, but never overlook the beauty of free books, movies, and more from your library!

Blockbuster Express & Redbox ~ Movies for only $1.00! Look for these boxes in your area.

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sharercoupons said...

We went with netflix. We pay 9 a month. We get mailed to us 1 movie at a time. As soon as we return it in the prepaid envelope we get another. If you watch it and send it back right away you can get about 10 movies a month. We also get as many instant movies as we want. These are typically older movies but there are a lot of kids movies. We are lucky enough to have a very new TV that is internet ready so we can watch the "instant" movies right on the TV.


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