My Goodwill Deal!

I have a couple of birthdays coming up for my kids this month, so with a limited amount of funds for "extras" right now, I decided to hit the Goodwill store nearby today in search of a mediocre option. I was thrilled to walk in and almost immediately come across this mostly brand new Apples to Apples Game for $3.99! Target sells it for $17.99... This is hardly a mediocre option, I thought!

We are a game-playing family, especially my oldest daughter... turning 8 in less than a week. Everyone I've talked to has told me what a great game this is, so I know she'll love it.

(I don't think she'll even realize it's not brand new!)

This is going down as one of my favorite deal finds. I love how God provides for the "extras" in life!


brooke lynn said...

great find, what a blessing :)

Tabitha said...

This reminds me of earlier in the summer, my toddler son had outgrown all his shoes and money was tight. I was dreading shoe shopping and the $30+ it was going to take to get him a couple pairs of shoes.
I was in the garage getting ready for my yard sale and came across a box of hand-me-downs a friend of mine had given me. I opened it up and right on top were a pair of tennis shoes and sandals in the exact size we needed! So we were able to delay getting "new" shoes right away.

CheapbyChoice said...

I love shopping at Goodwill. I try to go atleast once a week. Sometimes I find nothing, but most of the time I find GREAT deals!!!

Beth K said...

What a sweet gift from our Father who cares about us so dearly! Happy birthday to your girls!
Love, Beth
PS This is one of our favorite games!!!

Steph said...

I truly appreciate all of your encouraging comments. And I love to hear your story as well, Tabitha. God is so good!


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