Handmade Christmas Gifts & Crafts

I am always looking for an inexpensive way to decorate, create unique and thoughtful gifts, or simply spend crafting time with my kids. So, in preparation of Christmas, I thought I'd highlight a few ideas I've come across that appeal to me - and maybe to you too!

I came across this Christmas candy cane ornament over at Family Fun's website (a great source for the crafters out there). It's a simple craft, pretty inexpensive with just a few supplies needed, and it's a fun craft to do with your kids (or grandkids). Wouldn't these look great on your Christmas tree this year?! Or, you could attach them to gifts for that added touch. Click HERE for full details on how to make these adorable candy canes.

Of course, my very favorite homemade gift to give away at Christmas is cookies! I find such joy in baking and secretly I think I get more fun out of the gift than those who receive it... Find an assortment of cookies you enjoy baking (some difficult, some super easy). Remember, it's Christmas and you only do this once a year, so make it special. Just don't make the cookies too difficult or you'll never want to do it again. One of our family's favorites is Nutella Biscotti. My husband is Italian and this is by far his favorite "cookie".

Now, I know many of you may not enjoy baking. So, if you're looking to give a "baking" gift, but don't have the gift of baking, check out Organized Christmas' website. They have printable tags to go on all sorts of gifts in a jar. Click HERE to browse their large selection.

If you enjoy sewing, here's a fun tote bag to try from my other website, Sew What Steph. This is a great gift for kids. Or simplify the pattern by omitting the patchwork aspect, use Christmas-themed fabric, and create totes for packaging your gifts. Click HERE for a full tutorial.



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