Publix Weekly Deals (11/11-11/17)

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Keep these tips in mind while saving at Publix...
  • Publix weekly sales ads start on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your area.
  • Publix accepts 1 Manufacturer and 1 store or competitor coupon per item.
  • In Florida, you must purchase both BOGO items in order to receive the discounted price. All other states will ring up BOGO items at 1/2 price.
  • Check with your store manager to see which stores are considered competitors before you shop so that you can be prepared at checkout.
  • Remember, if you find that you were overcharged for an item, Publix's policy is to give you that item for free. If you purchased multiples of the item, all subsequent items will be priced down to the lower cost and you'll receive your money back.

Arnold Select Sandwich Thins, 8-ct, 12-oz pkg, BOGO $2.99

Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, 4-oz jar, BOGO $.57
-$1/10 Printable HERE (Pay $1.85/10)
-$2/20 Printable HERE (Pay $3.70/20)
*Mail-In Rewards program HERE.

Bertolli Pasta Sauce, 15 or 24-oz jar (Excluding Organic), BOGO $2.87

Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mix, 18 to 19.5-oz box or Betty Crocker Frosting, 12 to 16-oz tub (Excluding Angel Food and Pound Cake), BOGO $1.95
-$.50 off both SuperMoist Cake and Frosting Printable HERE

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix, Decadent Cake Mix or Dessert Bar Mix, 12.9 to 21.5-oz box, BOGO $2.63
-$.75/1 Printable HERE Gluten-Free Dessert Bar Mix, if included (Pay $1.13/2)
-$.50/1 from 10/24 SmartSource Decadent Supreme Cake Mix (Pay $1.63/2)

Birds Eye Voila! Meal, 21 to 23-oz bag, BOGO $5.15 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/1 from Harvest of Savings Booklet (Publix Q) (Pay $3.15/2)

Blue Bird Donuts, Frosted or Powdered, 10 or 11.5-oz bag, BOGO $2.79

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup, 18.6 to 18.8-oz can or 15.3-oz bowl, BOGO $2.45
-$1/2 Printable HERE and HERE (Pay $1.45/2)
-$.50/2 from 10/3 SmartSource (exp. 11/14) (Pay $1.95/2)
-$.50/2 from 9/12 SmartSource (exp. 11/15) (Pay $1.95/2)

Emerald Mixed Nuts, Almonds or Cashews, 10 or 11-oz cnstr, BOGO $5.79

General Mills Cheerios Cereal, 10.4 to 14-oz or Frosted Cheerios, 17.2-oz box, BOGO $4.09
-$1/2 from 11/7 SmartSource Frosted (Pay $3.09/2)
-$1/2 from 10/31 SmartSouce Original or Honey Nut (Pay $3.09/2)
-$1/3 Printable HERE (Pay $7.18/4 or $10.27/6)

Glade Candle, 4-oz jar or Scented Oil Refills, 4-ct pkg or Glade PlugIns or Relaxing Moments Refills, 1-ct pkg, BOGO $3.59
-$1.50/2 from September All You Jar Candles (Pay $2.09/2)
-$1.50/2 Printable HERE Scented Oil Candle products (Pay $2.09/2)
-$1/2 from 11/7 SmartSource Scented Oil Refills (Pay $2.59/2)
-$1/2 from 11/7 SmartSource Jar Candle (Pay $2.59/2)

Hebrew National Kosher All Beef Franks, Original, Reduced Fat, 97% Fat-Free, Jumbo, or Knockwurst, 11 or 12-oz pkg, BOGO $4.99

Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dip, French Onion, Bodacious Onion, Bacon Horseradish, or Jalapeño Cheddar, 12-oz tub, BOGO $2.00 *HOT DEAL*
-$.50/1 Printable HERE (FF) or HERE (IE) (Pay $1/2)

Hershey’s Syrup, Chocolate Flavor: Regular, Special Dark, With Calcium, or Lite; or Strawberry or Caramel Flavor, 18.5 to 24-oz bot (Excluding Sugar Free), BOGO $2.25

Hunt’s 100% Natural Tomatoes, 14.5-oz can, BOGO $1.39
-$1/4 from November All You (newsstand version) (Pay $1.78/4)
-$.45/3 from 10/3 SmartSource (exp. 11/14) Regional (Pay $2.33/4 or $3.27/6)

Lawry’s 30 Minute Marinade, 12-oz bot, BOGO $3.03

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, 56 or 80-ct cnstr, BOGO $4.99
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $3.99/2)
-$1/2 from 11/7 SmartSource (Pay $3.99/2)

Muffins, 4-Count: Blueberry, Apple Bran, Raisin Bran, Carrot, or Corn, 10-oz pkg, BOGO $2.99

Nestlé Fun Size Bars: Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, or Crunch; or Baby Ruth or Butterfinger Miniatures or Snackerz Bite-Size Candies, 9.2 to 12.5-oz bag, BOGO $3.59
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $2.59/2)

Nestlé Toll House Morsels, Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate: Regular, Mini, or Chunks; or Butterscotch Flavored, Milk Chocolate, or Premier White, 11 to 12-oz bag, BOGO $2.93
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $1.93/2)
-$.50/2 Printable HERE (Pay $2.43/2)

Pepperidge Farm Three Layer Cake, 19 or 19.6-oz box, BOGO $3.99

Perdue Chicken Nuggets, Breaded or Whole Grain, Whole Grain Chicken Tenders, or Breaded Chicken Patties, Fully-Cooked, 28.8 to 32-oz pkg, BOGO $6.19

Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 32-oz bot, BOGO $11.75
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $9.75/2)

Propel Fitness Water, Vitamin Enhanced Beverage, 6-pk, 500-ml bot, BOGO $4.13

Quaker Instant Grits, 12-pk, 12-oz box, BOGO $2.97

Quaker Natural Granola, Oats, Honey & Raisins or Oats & Honey, 28-oz, BOGO $5.29

Ronzoni Pasta, 12 to 16-oz box (Excluding Healthy Harvest, Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, Manicotti, and Garden Delight), BOGO $1.39 *HOT DEAL*
-$.55/1 from 10/3 SmartSource Quick Cook, if included (Pay $.29/2)
-$1/2 Printable HERE Smart Taste, if included (Pay $.39/2)
-$.50/1 Printable HERE Quick Cook, if included (Pay $.39/2)

Scotch Magic Tape, Matte Finish, BOGO $2.19
-$.50/1 Printable HERE Donut Dispenser, if included (Pay $1.19/2)
-$1/3 from 8/8 SmartSource (Pay $3.38/4 or $4.57/6)

Smart Balance Spread, 13 or 15-oz or 2-pk, 7.5-oz tub or Spray, 8-oz bot (Excluding Organic), BOGO $3.09

Sweet Leaf Tea, Mint Honey or Original, 64-oz bot, BOGO $1.50

Thomas’ Bagels, 6-ct, 20-oz bag, BOGO $3.99

Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 14.5 or 18-oz bag, BOGO $4.99

V8 V-Fusion Vegetable & Fruit Juice, 46-oz bot, BOGO $3.89
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $2.89/2)
-$.50/1 from 10/3 SmartSource (Pay $2.89/2)

Vigo Saffron Yellow Rice, Authentic Spanish Recipe, 10-oz pkg, BOGO $1.29 *HOT DEAL*
-$.50/1 from 10/3 RedPlum (Pay $.29/2)


Blue Bell Ice Cream, 1/2 gal ctn, $3.99
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $2.99/1)

Cabot Vermont Cheddar Cheese Bar or Pepper Jack, 8-oz pkg, $2.00

Dannon Yogurt, 6-oz cup, $.50
-$.50/6 Printable HERE Light & Fit (Pay $2.50/6)

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Entrees or Healthy Choice Meals, 9.5 to 12.3-oz box, $2.50
-$1/1 from October All You Steaming Entree (Pay $1.50/1)
-$1/2 Printable HERE and HERE (FF) or HERE (IE) (Pay $4/2)
-$1/2 from October All You Cafe Steamers or Meals (Pay $4/2)
-$1/2 from 10/17 SmartSource (Pay $4/2)
-B5G1 from 9/26 SmartSource (Pay $12.50/6)

Kellogg's Eggo Waffles or Special K Waffles, 9.9 to 12.6-oz box, $2.00
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $3/2)

Klondike or Slim-A-Bear Ice Cream Treats, 16 to 27-oz box, $3.00
-$1.25/2 Target Printable HERE Klondike 6-ct Ice Cream Bars (Pay $4.75/2)

P.F. Chang's Home Menu Perfect for Two Meal, 22-oz pkg, $6.99
-$2/1 from 9/12 RedPlum (Pay $4.99/1)

Polly-O Ricotta Cheese, 32-oz cup, $3.00

Publix Heavy Whipping Cream, 16-oz ctn, $3.00

Publix Premium Frozen Pies, Pumpkin, Peach, Cherry, or Apple, 26 or 31-oz box, $3.00
-$1/1 from Publix Family Style Magazine (Pay $2/1)

Publix Ready to Bake Rolls, Cinnamon with Icing, 12.4-oz can, or Crescent or Big & Flaky, 8 or 11.25-oz can, $1.25

Publix Rolled Pie Crust, 15-oz box, $1.67

Publix Sour Cream, 16-oz cup, $1.09

Publix Sweet Cream Butter, salted or unsalted, four quarters, 16-oz box, $2.50

Reddi-Whip Whipped Cream or Topping, 7-oz can, $2.00 *HOT DEAL*
-$.50/1 Printable HERE (FF) or HERE (IE) (Pay $1.50/1)
-$1/2 from October All You (Pay $3/2)
-$1/1 Food Lion Printable HERE (Pay $1/1)
Stack both MFR & FLIP Q's and Pay $.50/1 or $1/2!!
*This item should keep in the refrigerator through Thanksgiving, so buy ahead!

Sargento Shredded Cheese or Sunburst, 5 to 8-oz pkg, $2.00


Broden Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, 14-oz can, $2.00
-$.55/1 Printable HERE (Pay $1.45/1)
-$.55/1 from 10/7 RedPlum (Pay $1.45/1)

Bumble Bee Premium Tuna, in water, 4-pk, 5-oz can, $2.50

Campbell's Cream Soup, 10.5 to 10.75-oz can, $.80 *HOT DEAL*
-$1.50/3 Printable HERE (Pay $.90/3)
-$1/4 Printable HERE (Pay $2.20/4)

Del Monte Canned Fruit, 14.5 to 15.25-oz can, $1.00
-$1/5 from 9/19 RedPlum (exp. 11/15) (Pay $4/5)

Kraft Stovetop Stuffing Mix, 5 or 6-oz box, $.99 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $.98/2)
-$.50/2 Target Printable HERE (Pay $1.48/2)
Stack both MFR & Target Q's and Pay $.48/2!
-$4 off any Butterball Whole Turkey, fresh or frozen when you buy any combination of (4) pkgs of 12-oz Heinz HomeStyle Gravy, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, or Stove Top Stuffing Mix Box from November All You
*Great item to donate at Thanksgiving time!

Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies, 9.5 to 15.25-oz pkg, $2.50
-$1/1 wyb 1-gallon Milk Printable HERE (Pay $1.50 + Cost of Milk)
-$1/2 Target Printable HERE (Pay $4/2)
Stack both MFR & Target Q's for more savings!!

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Snack Crackers or Grahams, 6.6 to 8-oz pkg, $1.50
*Great item for donation to Children's Ministries!

Pepsi Products, 12-pk, 12-oz can, B2G1 $10.26

Pepsi Products, 2-L bot, $1.50

Pillsbury Best Flour, All Purpose: Bleached or Unbleached, or Bread or Self-Rising, 5-lb bag, $1.49
-$1 off Flour wyb 2 Kellogg's Corn Flakes Cereal Printable HERE (Pay $.49/1 Flour + Cost of 2 Cereals)

Publix Sugar, Light or Dark Brown or Confectioners Powdered, 16-oz bag, $.99

Starbucks Coffee, 11 or 12-oz bag, $6.99
-$1.50/1 Printable HERE (FF) or HERE (IE) (Pay $5.49/1)
-$1.50/1 from September All You Natural Fusions (Pay $5.49/1)
-$1/1 from 9/12 SmartSource (Pay $5.99/1)

Tostitos Salsa, 15.5-oz jar, $2.50

Welch's 100% Grape Juice, or Light Concord Grape Juice, 64-oz bot, $3.00
-$1/1 from 9/12 SmartSource (Pay $2/1)


-$.50 off Deli Item Target Printable HERE

Bagels, 4-ct, 12-oz pkg, $1.29

Baguettes, 8-oz loaf, $1.19

Boar's Head EverRoast Roasted Chicken Breast, $7.19/lb

Boar's Head Swedish Fontina Cheese, $8.39/lb

Brownies, 8-ct, 16-oz pkg, $3.99

Cherry Pie, 34-oz size, $5.99

Cranberry Walnut Loaf, 16-oz size, $4.49

Decadent Dessert Platter, 15-ct, 13-oz size, $11.99
-$1/1 from Publix Family Style Magazine (Pay $10.99/1)

French Hamburger Buns, 8-ct, 16-oz pkg, $2.79

King's Hawaiian Rolls, 12-oz pkg, $2.50

Margaritaville Tortilla Chips, 6-oz bag (Deli Section), $1.67

Multigrain Bread, 16-oz loaf, $2.79

Potato Rolls, 12-ct, 15-oz pkg, $2.49

Publix Deli 20-piece Hot & Spicy Wings, $6.99

Publix Deli Cuban Sandwich, Grab & Go, $3.49

Publix Deli Nibbler Platter, 72-oz tray, serves 16 to 20, $29.99
-$5/$30 Deli Platter from Publix Family Style Magazine (Publix Q)
-$2 off Deli Party Tray Target Printable HERE (Pay $27.99/1)

Publix Deli Southern Style Potato Salad, 16-oz cont, $1.99

Publix Deli Spinach Dip, 16-oz cont, $2.99

Publix Deli Sweet Ham, $4.99/lb


Use $3 off $6 purchase in the Meat Department Harvey's Printable HERE

7-Bone Chuck Roast, $2.49/lb

7-Bone Chuck Steaks, $2.79/lb

Beef Top Sirloin or Chicken Kabobs, with vegetables, $4.99/lb

Boneless Pork Loin Country Ribs or Pork Sirloin Cutlets, $2.99/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, $2.99/lb

Fresh Salmon Fillets, $8.99/lb

Fresh Swordfish Portions, boneless, skinless, 6-oz each, $7.99

Ground Round, $3.69/lb

Hormel Country Crock Side Dishes, 21 to 24-oz tub, $3.00
-$.55/1 Printable HERE (Pay $2.45/1)

Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage, 12-oz pkg, $2.50
-$.55/1 Printable HERE (Pay $1.95/1)

Large Florida Pink Shrimp, $8.99/lb

Oscar Mayer Zip Pack Lunch Meats, 9 or 10-oz pkg, $2.50

Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, $7.99/lb

Publix Flounder Fillets, 12-oz pkg, $6.99

Publix Homestyle Meatballs, frozen, 16-oz pkg, $2.99

Publix Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon, 16-oz pkg, $3.99

Publix Spiral-Sliced Ham Half, with glaze packets, $2.69/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast, $3.69/lb

Small Lobster Tails, 3-oz minimum, $5.99

Whole or Half Boneless Pork Loin or Rib Half, $2.49/lb


Bartlett Pears, $.99/lb

Black Seedless Grapes, $1.49/lb

Broccoli Bunch, $2.00

Florida Green Bell Peppers, $1.49/lb

Florida Red Grapefruit, 5-lb bag, $3.49

Georgia Sweet Corn, $.33

Hot House Cucumbers, $1.50

Mixed Nuts, mesh bag, 2-lb pkg, $4.99

Pomegranates, $2.00

POM Wonderful Juice, 16-oz bot, $2.50
-$1/2 from 11/7 SmartSource (Pay $4/2)

Portabella Mushrooms, whole or sliced, 6-oz pkg, $2.50

Publix Orange Juice, 128-oz cont, $2.50

Publix Salad Blends, or Ceasar Salad Kit, 5 to 12-oz bag, $2.00

Redland Raised Vegetables: Green Beans or Yellow or Zucchini Squash, $.99/lb

Royal Gala Apples, 3-lb bag, $2.50

Shelled Pecan Halves or Pieces, 16-oz bag, $8.99

Shelled Walnuts, 16-oz bag, $6.99

Sweet Onions, $.99/lb

Tasteful Selections Potatoes, 24 or 28-oz bag, $2.99

Tomatoes on the Vine, $1.49/lb

Wonderful Almonds, 10-oz bag, $4.49
-$1 off Slivered Almonds wyb 2 Kellogg's Crispix Cereals Printable HERE (Pay $3.49/1 + Cost of 2 Cereals)

Wonderful Pistachios, 16-oz cont, $6.99
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $5.99/1)

Zeigler's Traditional or Honeycrisp Apple Cider, 64-oz bot, $1.99


4-Grain Large Eggs, All Natural, Omega 3, or Vegetarian Brown, 12-ct ctn, $2.00

Alexia All Natural Potatoes, 20 to 24-oz pkg, or Onion Rings, 13.5-oz pkg, $2.50
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Facebook) (Pay $1.50/1)
-$1/1 from November All You (Pay $1.50/1)
-$.55/1 from 11/7 SmartSource (Pay $1.95/1)

Amy's Pizza, 6 to 14.5-oz box, $5.00

Kashi Cereal or Granola, 10.4 to 17.5-oz box, or Granola Bars, 6.7 to 8.4-oz box, $2.99

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Butter, 16-oz ctn, $3.99

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Coffee, 10-oz bag, $5.99

Silk Soymilk or AlmondMilk, 1/2 gal ctn, $2.50
-$1/1 Printable HERE, HERE, and HERE (Pay $1.50/1)
-$2/2 from 10/17 and 9/19 SmartSource AlmondMilk (Pay $3/2)
-$.75/1 Printable HERE AlmondMilk (Pay $1.75/1)

Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt, 32-oz tub, $2.50


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