Publix Weekly Deals (2/24-3/2)

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Keep these tips in mind while saving at Publix...
  • Publix weekly sales ads start on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your area.
  • Publix accepts 1 Manufacturer and 1 store or competitor coupon per item.
  • In Florida, you must purchase both BOGO items in order to receive the discounted price. All other states will ring up BOGO items at 1/2 price.
  • Check with your store manager to see which stores are considered competitors before you shop so that you can be prepared at checkout.
  • Remember, if you find that you were overcharged for an item, Publix's policy is to give you that item for free. If you purchased multiples of the item, all subsequent items will be priced down to the lower cost and you'll receive your money back.

Alma's Organic Macaroni Product, Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Penne Rigate, or Fusilli, 16-oz bag, BOGO $1.99

Bertolli Olive Oil, Extra Light Tasting or Classico, 17-oz bot, BOGO $6.79

Briannas Salad Dressing, 12-oz bot, BOGO $3.89

Cavit Pinot Noir Wine, 750-ml bot, BOGO $8.99

Classico Pasta Sauce, 8.1 to 24-oz jar, BOGO $2.77

Doritos Tortilla Chips, 11.5 to 12-oz bag (Excluding Baked), BOGO $3.99
-FREE Pepsi Max, 2-L wyb Doritos Chips Printable HERE (Pay $3.99/2 + 2 FREE Pepsi Max)

Edge Shave Gel, Or Skintimate, 7-oz can, BOGO $2.49 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/1 from 1/16 SmartSource Skintimate (Pay $.49/2)
-$1/2 from 1/16 SmartSource Skintimate (Pay $1.49/2)

Fab Laundry Detergent, Powder, 3.41-lb box, or Liquid, 50-oz bot, BOGO $4.09
-$1/2 from 2/27 SmartSource (Pay $3.09/2)
-$.50/1 from 10/3 SmartSource (Pay $3.09/2)
-$.50/1 from 8/15 SmartSource (exp. 2/28) (Pay $3.09/2)

Fresh Express Salad Blend, Or Greens, 5 to 12-oz bag, BOGO $3.69

Glass Plus Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, 32-oz bot, BOGO $2.49
-$.50/1 Printable HERE (Pay $1.49/2)

Gorton's Fish Sticks, Or Fillets, Portions, or Popcorn Shrimp, 14 to 24.5-oz pkg, BOGO $5.49
-$1/1 Printable HERE Grilled Item (Pay $3.49/2)
-$1/1 from 1/16 SmartSource (Pay $3.49/2)
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $4.49/2)
-$.50/1 from 2/13 SmartSource (Pay $4.49/2)

Green Giant Canned Vegetables, 11 to 15.25-oz can (Excluding Specialty Corn Varieties, Three Bean Salad, and Asparagus), BOGO $1.33
-$1/4 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $1.66/4)
-$5/20 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $8.30/20)

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Vegetables, 11 or 12-oz bag, BOGO $2.39
-$5/20 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $18.90/20)

Hershey's Nuggets, Milk or Dark Chocolate, 10.5 to 12-oz bag, BOGO $3.69

Hot Mama Italian Cheese Garlic Knots, 6-ct, 12-oz box, or Garlic Bread, 7.5-oz box, BOGO $2.79

Hunt's 100% Natural Tomatoes, 14.5-oz can, BOGO $1.39 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/3 from January All You Diced Tomatoes (Pay $1.78/4 or $2.17/6)
-$.45/3 from 1/23 SmartSource (Pay $2.33/4 or $3.27/6)
-$5/20 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $8.90/20)
Stack MFR & Publix Q's and Pay $2.90/20 or $3.50/20!!

Juicy Juice All Natural 100% Juice, 64-oz bot, BOGO $3.49
-$.50/1 Printable HERE (Pay $2.49/2)
-$2/4 Printable HERE (Pay $4.98/4)

Keebler Club Crackers, 11 to 16-oz box, BOGO $3.89
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $2.89/2)
-$1/2 from 1/30 RedPlum (Pay $2.89/2)

Kellogg's Cereal, Crunchy Nut, 10.8 or 14.1-oz, Rice Krispies, 12 to 16.5-oz, or Corn Flakes or Raisin Bran, 18 or 20-oz box, BOGO $4.19 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/1 Printable HERE Crunchy Nut (Pay $2.19/2)
-$1/1 from 1/23 RedPlum Crunchy Nut (Pay $2.19/2)
-$1/1 Target Printable HERE Crunchy Nut (Pay $2.19/2)
Stack both MFR & Target Q's and Pay $.19/2!!

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, 16.25 or 18-oz bot, BOGO $1.69

Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner or Mildew Remover With Bleach, 32-oz bot, BOGO $3.69
-$1/2 Printable HERE Bathroom Cleaner (Pay $2.69/2)

Marie Callender's Dinners, 8.5 to 21-oz box (Excluding Pot Pies), BOGO $3.59
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $2.59/2)

Mueller's Pasta, 12 to 16-oz box (Excluding Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, and Egg Noodles), BOGO $1.39
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $.39/2)

Nabisco Toasted Chips, 8.1-oz bag, BOGO $3.39 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/2 from 1/30 SmartSource (Pay $2.39/2)
-$1/2 Target Printable HERE (Target Q) (Pay $2.39/2)
Stack both MFR & Target Q's and Pay $1.39/2!!

Ocean Blue Professional Omega-3 2100 Soft Gels, 60 or 120-ct bot, BOGO $16.95
(Get One 60-ct bot FREE wyb 60 or 120-ct bot.)

PAM Cooking Spray, No Stick: Original, Olive Oil, Butter Flavor, For Baking With Flour, or For The Grill, 5 or 6-oz can, BOGO $3.39
-$.35/1 from 1/23 SmartSource (Pay $2.69/2)

Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread, 100% or Soft Honey Whole Wheat, 15 Grain, Double Fiber, Ancient Grain, German Dark Wheat, Stone Ground Wheat, or Oatmeal, 24-oz loaf, BOGO $3.89
-$.75/2 from 2/13 SmartSource (Pay $3.14/2)
-$1.50 off Produce from Healthy Beginnings Booklet (MFR Q)

Pepsi Products, 2-L bot, BOGO $1.73

Planters Peanuts, Cocktail, Redskin Spanish, Lightly Salted, or Honey Roasted, 12 or 12.5-oz can, BOGO $2.99
-$.50/1 Target Printable HERE (Pay $1.99/2)

Post Cereal, Selects or Great Grains, 13 to 16-oz box or Trail Mix Crunch, 17-oz box, BOGO $4.51

Progresso Soup, 18 to 19-oz can, BOGO $2.35 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/4 Printable HERE (Pay $3.70/4)
-$1/4 from 1/16 SmartSource (Pay $3.70/4)
-$1/4 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $3.70/4)
-$5/20 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $19.50/20)
Stack both MFR & Publix Q's and Pay $2.70/4!!

Publix Hydro Cream, Or Hydro Plus: 1% Hydrocortisone, 1-oz box, BOGO $3.99

Purina Beneful Dog or Puppy Food, 3.5-lb bag, BOGO $5.49
-$1.50/2 Walgreens Printable HERE (Pay $3.99/2)

Red Baron Biscuit-Style Scrambles, Bacon, Sausage, or Western, 2-ct, 10-oz box, BOGO $3.59

Simply Potatoes, Shredded or Southwest Style Hash Browns, Homestyle Slices, Red Potato Wedges, or Diced Potatoes With Onion, 20-oz bag, BOGO $2.67

StarKist Solid White Albacore Tuna, In Water, 4-pk, 5-oz can, BOGO $6.53

Talenti Gelato or Sorbetto, 16-oz cup, BOGO $4.69
-$1/1 EarthFare Printable HERE (MFR Q) (Pay $2.69/2)

Thomas' Bagels, 6-ct, 20-oz bag, BOGO $4.19

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, Microwaveable, 8.5 or 8.8-oz pouch, BOGO $1.99

Uncle Sam Cereal, Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes and Flaxseed: Original or With Wild Strawberries, 10-oz box, BOGO $2.99
-$1/2 from Healthy Beginnings Booklet (MFR Q) (Pay 1.99/2)

Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water, 12-pk, .5-L bot, BOGO $3.89 *HOT DEAL*
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Facebook) (Pay $1.89/2)

Buy Theirs, Get Ours:
  • Purchase Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup ~ Get Publix GreenWise Organic Ketchup FREE
  • Purchase Newman's Own Salsa ~ Get Publix GreenWise Organic Salsa FREE
    -$.50/1 Printable HERE Newman's Own product
  • Purchase Newman's Own Balsamic Vinegar ~ Get Publix GreenWise Balsamic Vinegar FREE
    -$.50/1 Printable HERE Newman's Own product
  • Purchase Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes ~ Get Publix GreenWise Organic Diced Tomatoes FREE
    -$1/2 Printable HERE Muir Glen products

Bertolli Oven Bake Meals, Or Complete Skillet Meal for Two, 21 to 24-oz bag, $4.99
-$1.50/2 from 1/30 RedPlum (exp. 2/27) (Pay $8.48/2)

Blue Bell Ice Cream, half gal ctn, $4.50
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $3.50/1)

Cabot Vermont Cheddar Cheese Bar, Or Pepper Jack, 8-oz pkg, $2.00

International Delight Coffee Creamer, 16-oz bot, $1.50
-$.55/1 Printable HERE (Pay $.95/1)

Kraft Velveeta Cheese, 16-oz box, $2.99

Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt, 6-oz cup, $.80
-$1/3 EarthFare Printable HERE (MFR Q) (Pay $1.40/3)

Ore-Ida Ultimate Baked Potatoes, 10-oz pkg or Toaster Hash Browns, 4-ct, 7-oz pkg, $1.00

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, 16.3 or 17.3-oz can, $1.00
-$.30/2 Printable HERE (Pay $1.70/2)
-$5/20 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $15.00/20)
Stack both MFR & Publix Q's and Pay $12/20!

Publix Crumbled Cheese, Feta, Gorgonzola, or Blue Cheese, 4-oz pkg, $2.19

Publix Frozen Vegetables, 12-oz pkg, $1.00
-$1/4 Target Printable HERE Target Brand (Pay $3/4)

Publix Shredded Cheese, 16-oz pkg, $3.99
-$1/2 Target Printable HERE Market Pantry Cheese (Pay $6.98/2)

Shedd's Spread Country Crock, 45-oz tub, $2.50
-$.40/1 Printable HERE (Facebook) (Pay $2.10/1)

Silk Soymilk, half gal ctn, $2.50
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Facebook) (Pay $1.50/1)
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $1.50/1)
-$.75/1 from 2/6 SmartSource (Pay $1.75/1)

Stouffer's Entrees, Family Size, 28 to 40-oz box, $3.99 *HOT DEAL*
-$2/1 Printable HERE Party Size (Pay $1.99/1)
-$1/1 from 1/30 RedPlum (exp. 2/28) (Pay $2.99/1)
-$1/2 from 2/6 RedPlum (Pay $6.98/2)


Coca-Cola Products, 12-pk, 12-oz can, B2G1 $9.98

Folgers Ground Coffee, 10.3 to 11.3-oz pkg (Excluding Gourmet), $3.00
-$.25/1 from 2/6 RedPlum (Pay $2.75/1)

Gatorade Thirst Quencher, Or G2 Low Calorie Electrolyte Beverage, 8-pk, 20-oz bot, $5.00

General Mills Cereal, Trix or Cocoa Puffs, 14.8 to 16.5-oz box, Reese's Puffs or Cookie Crisp, 11.25 or 13-oz box, $2.00
-$.55/1 Printable HERE Cocoa Puffs (Pay $1.45/1)

Hawaiian Punch, 128-oz bot, $1.67

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar, Or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat Crisp Wafers, Cookies'n Creme, or Payday Bar, 2.5 to 3.4-oz pkg, $1.00

Hunt's Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce, Original or Bold, 15.5 or 16-oz can, $1.00
-$1/3 Printable HERE (Publix Q) (Pay $2/3)
-$.75/1 wyb (1) Pepperidge Farm Rolls or Buns AND (1) Manwich Target Printable HERE (Pay $.25/1 + Cost of Rolls/Buns)

Hunt's Snack Pack, 4-pk, 3.5-oz cup, $1.00
-$.60/3 from 1/2 SmartSource (exp. 2/28) (Pay $2.40/3)

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, 4 or 4.1-oz pouch, $1.00

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Or Supermac & Cheese Pasta and Sauce, 5.5 to 7.3-oz box, $.79

Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice, Or Fruit Punch, Lemonade Punch, Grape, or Mixed Berry, 10-pk, 6.75-oz box (Excluding Orange Juice), $1.99

Nabisco Crackers, Or Wheat Thins Stix, 5.5 to 10-oz box, $2.50
-$1/2 from 1/30 SmartSource (Pay $4/2)
-$1/2 Target Printable HERE (Target Q) (Pay $4/2)
Stack both MFR & Target Q's and Pay $3/2!!

Snapple Tea, Or Juice Drink, 6-pk, 16-oz bot, B2G1

Sobe Lifewater, 20-oz bot, $1.00

Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water, 3-L bot, $.89


Baguettes, 8-oz loaf, $1.49

Boar's Head Lacey Swiss Cheese, $9.09/lb

Boar's Head LondonPort Roast Beef, $9.99/lb

Butter Pound Cake, 12-oz pkg, $3.49

Ciabatta Loaf, 16-oz pkg, $3.99

Cinnamon Buns, 6-ct, 14-oz pkg, $4.99

Donuts, Assorted, 4-ct, 8 to 14-oz pkg, $2.29

Italian Five Grain Baguette, 8-oz bag, $1.49

Key Lime Pie, Or Mango Key Lime, 34-oz size, $6.99

King's Hawaiian Rolls, 12-oz pkg, $2.50

Large Cream Cakes, 32-oz size, $5.29

Publix Deli Baked Potato Salad, 16-oz cont, $2.50

Publix Deli Chicken Parmesan, $5.99/lb

Publix Deli Fresh Chilled Rotisserie Chicken, Lemon Pepper, $4.99

Publix Deli Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Ball, 8-oz pkg, $3.69

Publix Deli Macaroni & Cheese, $1.99/lb

Publix Deli Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, $6.99/lb

Publix Deli Turkey & Swiss Sandwich, $2.99
(Boar's Head, $3.49)

Sourdough French Bread, 16-oz loaf, $2.99

Tiramisu, 10-oz size, $4.79

Turnovers, 4-ct, 14-oz pkg, $4.79

Water Rolls, 12-ct, 14-oz pkg, $3.29


7-Bone Chuck Roast, $3.49/lb

Boneless Pork Chops, $3.99/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, $2.99/lb

Boston Butt Roast, $1.99/lb

Cedar Plank Salmon, 9.7-oz pkg, $8.99

Chicken Leg Quarters, $.69/lb

Crabmeat Stuffed Tilapia, $6.99/lb

Curly's Pork, Chicken, or Beef with BBQ Sauce, Pulled, 18-oz tub, $4.00

Fresh Mahi Fillets, 5.6-oz min, $6.99

Fresh Tilapia Fillets, $5.99/lb

Ground Chuck, $2.49/lb

Medium White Shrimp, 41 to 50 per pound, $4.99/lb

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, 16-oz pkg (Excluding Angus), $3.00
-$1/2 Target Printable HERE (Pay $5/2)

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meats, 7 to 9-oz pkg, $3.00
-$2/3 Target Printable HERE (Pay $7/3)

Perdue Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Skinless, Frozen, 32-oz pkg, $5.99
-$.75/1 from 1/23 RedPlum (Pay $5.24/1)

Pork Loin Back Ribs, $4.49/lb

Premium Crab Cakes, $3.99

Publix Homestyle Meatballs, 16-oz pkg, $2.99

Publix Tuna Steaks, 12-oz pkg, $5.99

Sirloin Tip Roast, $3.69/lb

Small Shrimp Ring, 10-oz pkg, $4.00

Stuffed Boneless Chicken Breast Cordon Bleu, Regular or With Bacon, $5.99/lb

Stuffed Flank Steaks, $5.99/lb

Top Sirloin Fillets, $5.99/lb

Tyson Breaded Fully-Cooked Chicken, Or Any'tizers, 10 to 13.25-oz bag, $2.50
-$1/1 from 1/23 SmartSource Any'tizers (Pay $1.50/1)
-$1/1 from 1/2 SmartSource Grilled & Ready Strips (Pay $1.50/1)
-$1/1 Target Printable HERE Any'tizers QuesaDippers (Pay $1.50/1)

Whole Beef Tenderloin, $10.99/lb

Wright Brand Bacon, Hickory Smoked or Applewood Stack Pack, 24-oz, $5.99


Asparagus, $2.49/lb

Bell Peppers, Red, Yellow, or Orange, $2.49/lb

Blueberries, 1-pt pkg, $2.99

Broccoli, $2.00

Cantaloupes, $2.00

Florida Strawberries, 16-oz pkg, $1.67
-$1 off wyb (2) Redd-Wip Whipped Cream, 7-oz Publix Printable HERE (Pay $.67/1 + Cost of 2 Reddi-Wips)

Florida Tangerines, 3-lb bag, $2.00

Green Beans, $1.49/lb

Idaho Potatoes, 5-lb bag, $2.99

Red or Black Plums, $1.49/lb

Red Seedless Grapes, $1.69/lb

Royal Gala or Fuji Apples, $1.49/lb

T. Marzetti Strawberry or Blueberry Glaze, Or Sugar Free Strawberry Glaze, 12.75 to 14-oz cont, $1.29

Tree-Ripened Peaches or Nectarines, $1.99/lb

Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice, Or Ruby Red Grapefruit, 59-oz ctn, $3.00
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $5/2)

White Mushrooms, Sliced, 12-oz pkg, $2.50

Zucchini or Yellow Squash, $1.49/lb


Alma's Organic Macaroni Product, Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Penne Rigate, or Fusilli, 16-oz bag, BOGO $1.99

Briannas Salad Dressing, 12-oz bot, BOGO $3.89

Gerber Organic 2nd Foods, 2-pk, 3.5-oz cont, $1.00

Publix GreenWise Market Bone-In Ribeye Steaks, $8.99/lb

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Romaine Hearts, 12-oz pkg, $3.49

Swanson Certified Organic Broth, 32-oz box, $2.00
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $3/2)

Udi's White Sandwich Bread, Or Whole Grain, Gluten Free, 12-oz pkg, $3.99
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $2.99/1)
-$.50/1 EarthFare Printable HERE (EarthFare Q) (Pay $3.49/1)
Stack both MFR & EarthFare Q's and Pay $2.49/1!

Uncle Sam Cereal, Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes and Flaxseed: Original or With Wild Strawberries, 10-oz box, BOGO $2.99
-$1/2 from Healthy Beginnings Booklet (MFR Q) (Pay 1.99/2)


Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent, 55 to 68.75-oz bot, $3.99
-$1.25/1 Printable HERE (Pay $2.74/1)
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $6.98/2)
-$1/2 from 2/13 SmartSource (Pay $6.98/2)

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution, 10-oz box, $7.99
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $6.99/1)

Bounty Quilted Napkins, 200-ct pkg, $2.99
-$.25/1 from 1/30 P&G (exp. 2/28) (Pay $2.74/1)
-$2/2 from 1/30 RedPlum (Target Q) (Pay $3.98/2)
Stack both MFR & Target Q's and Pay $3.48/2!

Brawny Paper Towels, 6 or 8-roll pkg, $6.49
-$.50/1 from 1/23 RedPlum (Pay $5.99/1)

Colgate Toothpaste, $2.39
-$.75/1 from 2/27 SmartSource (Pay $1.64/1)
-$.50/1 from 2/13 SmartSource (Pay $1.89/1)
-$1/1 Target Printable HERE (Pay $1.39/1)
Stack both MFR & Target Q's and Pay $.64/1!

Formula 409 Daily Kitchen Cleaner, 32-oz bot, $2.00

Jergens Moisturizer, 2 to 21-oz pkg, 30% off
-$1/1 from 1/16 SmartSource

Kleenex Tissues, 75 to 200-ct box, $1.25
-$.50/3 Printable HERE (Pay $3.25/3)

Kotex Tampons, 18-ct pkg, Maxi Pads, 14 to 24-ct pkg, or Lightdays Pantiliners, 40 to 64-ct pkg, $1.99
-$2/2 from 1/16 SmartSource (exp. 2/28) Pads (Pay $1.98/2)
-$1.50/2 from 1/16 SmartSource (exp. 2/28) Tampons (Pay $2.48/2)
-$1.50/2 from 1/16 SmartSource (exp. 2/28) Pantiliners (Pay $2.48/2)

Publix Super Soft Bathroom Tissue, 4-double roll pkg, $1.99

Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue, 12-double roll pkg, $6.49

Renuzit Air Freshener, 7.5-oz pkg, $.75

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 6 or 7.5-oz bot, $1.00

Solo SoloGrips Plastic Cups, 18-oz, 50-ct pkg, or 9 or 10-inch Squared Plastic Plates, 30 or 40-ct pkg, $3.99

Suave Naturals Shampoo or Conditioner, 22.5-oz bot (Excluding Kids), $.99

Tresemme Hair Products, 5.7 to 32-oz pkg, $3.29

Ziploc Freezer or Storage Bags, Quart or Gallon Size, 30 to 50-ct pkg or Jumbo Size Freezer Bags, 10-ct pkg, $3.50
-$1/25/2 from 2/13 SmartSource (Pay $5.75/2)
-$1.25/2 from 1/9 SmartSource (Pay $5.75/2)

In-Ad Coupons:
  • $3 off (1) Huggies Box Diapers, Snug & Dry, 60 to 156-ct or Supreme, 48 to 84-ct box
  • $6 off (2) Enfamil Infant Powder Formula, 22.2 to 23.4-oz pkg

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