$15 for Relish! Menu Planning (w/Options!)

Moolala has a 50% discount on a 6-month subscription to Relish! Menu Planning service. This is normally priced at $36.00!

If you've tried e-Mealz (a budget conscious menu planning service), but are looking for something a little differnt, then try Relish!. You can choose menus for each day of the week that coincide with the sales you find on CouponSavingGame.com and what you already have on-hand in your freezer or pantry. Though they do not give prices for the items you need to purchase, you'll have more selection in your menu options.

Here's a brief description of Relish! posted on Moolala's Deal of the Day:

"Too many times, our best attempts at meal planning give way to a quick game of Restaurant Refrigerator-Magnet Roulette. Remove the element of chance from family dinner with today's Moolala deal: $15 buys a six-month subscription to the meal-planning resources at RelishRelish.com (a $36 value).

Not only do home cooked meals save money, they encourage healthy habits and allow you more time to spend with your family and less time in the takeout line. Every week, Relish provides a list of 15 different recipes, plus one dessert. Meals are labeled with categories like Kid-Friendly, Crockpot, Vegetarian, Simple Gourmet and more. Select as many meals as you want: your writing hand will be relieved at the sight of Relish's life-saving grocery list. Every recipe on the site has been kitchen-tested, and will take a half-hour or less to prepare.

With Relish's easy-to-use online interface and handy tools (including a free iPhone app which allows you to view and customize your shopping lists), you can exchange prep time for time at your children's bocce tournaments. Buy today's Moolala deal, and see how healthy meals can bring gourmet savings."



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