Attention Walmart Shoppers! (Coupon Policy)

If you are a Walmart shopper, you'll want to be informed on their corporate coupon policy. I would encourage you to print it out and take it with you when you shop. I've found that each cashier at my Walmart tends to have a different idea as to what their policy is on coupons. If you have the policy with you, hopefully it'll help solve any issues with discrepancy.

I recently did a shopping trip to Walmart and the cashier adjusted my coupons down to the purchase price of the items. I questioned her on it, but didn't want to get into a fight. She won. However, according to their corporate policy, I should've received full credit for the coupons. Had I brought a print-out of the policy, I could've received overage.

Download Walmart's Coupon Policy HERE.



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