FREE Redbox Movie on 5/12!

Click HERE to get a FREE Redbox code to use on Thursday, May 12, 2011.

For those of you having trouble getting your FREE Redbox code, all you have to do is go HERE.

(Thanks, FrugalShoppingWithJulie!)


Anonymous said...

I haven't got my code. Also, there are hundreds of people very upset with this promo because they haven't got their code. I have a very loud mouth, I had better get my code or I will be telling everyone to not use Redbox. And I have 4 in walking distance. Give me my code or there will be Out of order signs on those boxes.

Steph said...

Anonymous ~ I got mine right away, so I'm surprised so many are having problems with it. I'll look into it and post details of what I find out.


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