Menu Plan Thursday

As you all know, I typically do my grocery shopping on Thursdays, therefore, that is also the day that I plan my weekly menu. (You'll see my grocery photo and breakdown soon.)

For my menu planning, I start by scouring my freezer, fridge, and pantry to see what I have on-hand already. Then, I look to my recipe book for basic meals that my family enjoys. If I want to spice things up a bit, I do a little looking around online for recipes - which ended up happening quite a bit this week. I think I'm getting bored with same 'ole, same 'ole.

Last week, our menu plan seemed to go out the window. I had planned some yummy dinners, but as the week progressed, and the crazy life that we live happened, we didn't end up eating much homemade prepared meals. Looking back, I can't even remember what we ate... but I know we ate! AND, we only ate once in the week out on Father's Day.

Well, with my loss of memory, here's our new menu plan for this week. Hopefully, we'll end up sticking to it because it looks delish to me already.





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