My Organic/Natural Journey & How It's Going

So, as you all know, (if you've been reading this site for the past 2 weeks), I am trying to go all natural and/or organic in the eating habits of our home. It's been interesting to make this switch, and I've found that I'm much more mindful of the ingredients in every product I purchase. FYI: I thought I was already pretty mindful, but now I truly read every bottle, jar, box, or package of food that I buy. If it's not all natural, then I don't buy it. To be honest, I go even farther than that. I read a book years ago on eating white flour and refined white sugar... and I prefer not to buy products that include either of these as the nutrients or health benefits have basically been stripped from the original product. Instead, I invested a year or so ago in a wheat grinder and I also purchase Sucanat to use in place of brown and white sugar in recipes.

I have also received the recommendation from a good friend to read the book called "What The Bible Says About Healthy Living." I'm ordering it from Amazon.com today, and I'm excited to see what it says. I recognize in myself that it's easy for my mind to sway to new ideas, so it's important for me to keep the mindset of what we eat in-line with what God tells me in His Word. There is moderation to everything and our goal should always be to glorify God in all that we do.

So, of course continuing to want to save through coupons, as I come across prices of items at stores, you will start seeing more natural and organic products highlighted on this site. I recognize that it does seem to cost more to shop this way. However, as I learn more about the varying products on the market in this category, I hope that CouponSavingGame.com becomes a source of helpful savings for you to eat, shop, and cook more naturally.



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