Fall Recipes! Let's Swap!!

I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but I absolutely LOVE the Fall season! As soon as the leaves start falling off the trees, I'm struck with Fall-fever. My husband laughs at me because it could be 90 degrees outside, and I'm decorating our house in Fall colors already. I can't help it!

Growing up in Michigan, we had the most beautiful colors on the trees every Fall. I miss it at this time of the year... So, I try to compensate by creating that feeling I used to have in my house here in Florida. I love hot apple cider, apple orchards, hay rides, bonfires, and the smell of pumpkin pie in the oven! So, with my memories of crisp, cool Fall mornings, I'm bringing to you some fun Fall recipes to help you get Fall-fever!

Emeril Lagasse has great reviews on this Hot Apple Cider with Rum! You can choose to not use the rum as well. In just 15 minutes, you can make this delicious drink. Once it does indeed get cooler, I can totally see putting the kids to bed, starting a fire in the fireplace, and cozying up with my husband on the couch while we sip our hot apple cider...

Our family has a favorite recipe that's a special treat for the Fall season! This Quick and Easy Pumpkin Pudding will get you in the mood for harvest time! Need a quick dessert for dinner? Add this one to your go-to recipes this season.

Apple Crisp a-la-mode! YUM!! Family Fun offers this delicious recipe. I think I have to make it tonight. It looks so delicious and I have all the ingredients. Let your kids help with this simple recipe and you might just start a Fall family tradition...

Frugal Girls has a fun recipe for Red Velvet Apple Cupcakes! Aren't these so adorable?! I think it would make for a fun treat for a Fall playday or bring dessert to your next get-together with friends or family.

Do you have a favorite Fall recipe?! Please share a link or a recipe in the comments. I love recipe swaps - especially this time of year!

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Cindi said...

These recipes look so good! I'd really like to try and make that apple crisp with my kids. I think they'd love it!

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