Menu Plan Thursday!

So, this week's menu plan is a fun one. I'm trying a couple of new recipes for dinner that I'm hoping my family likes. We're trying to incorporate more meatless dinners to save on grocery costs and up our vegetable and grain intake. :) This is a picture of the Red Quinoa dish. I've never really cooked with quinoa, but have many friends who do, so it must be okay, right?! We'll see! I hope you enjoy our family's menu plan for the week.

(Photo courtesy of All You.)
(I'll be rotating between these lunches and probably add a little variation. I usually don't plan it too much.)
  • PB & Jelly Sandwich w/Popcorn, Cheesestick, and Carrot Sticks
  • Turkey Sandwich w/Yogurt, Trail Mix, and Broccoli w/Ranch Dressing



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