My Organized Coupon Binder

I was looking for an opportunity to share with ya'll the way that I organize my coupons. I'll first tell you that I started with a 1" floppy binder and within a week of excited coupon gaming, grew out of that "tiny" binder. I've graduated into a much heavier (somewhat burdensome) zippered binder with many more compartments. The only thing I wish I had was a strap to carry it with... maybe I'll make one!

So, here's my "not-so-little" black book.

I purchased this binder at Target for $9.99. And it works great for me! I typically put my coupons for the day's shopping in the front mesh zippered pocket.

When you open the tension-stringed compartement on the front, you see I have my weekly fliers, extra SmartSource, RedPlum, & P&G inserts filed here. If I receive/purchase multiple coupons, I don't always cut them all out, but rather keep them in their magazine or insert in here.

When you open the book, here's what you see. I keep a CVS ExtraCare card and any other discount card (in case I forget mine), scissors, pen, sharpie, calculator, and Rainchecks here. The pink zipper pocket is for any extras that are in process.

I like to 3-hole punch my Rebate Forms and keep them in the front of my binder. It's an easy reference to help me remember the requirements I need to meet to get the rebate.

And lastly, I am a micro-organizer and like to keep my topics very individually organized. I think I have 18 different page dividers!

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Trina said...

I am on a mission to find a zipper binder now! I went to Walmart last night and they didn't have anything! Target is next...


Andrea said...

I just got the tiny zipper binder too for daily trips. I am so excited about it :-)

Jean said...

I use a similar binder. I got mine from my husband. When he attends conferences these are give aways. Ask around to friends and family for ones they have and do not use.

scmomluvstosave!! said...

I like this binder...i am off to target next. walmart didnt have what i needed. i love the pockets inside this binder. Great idea with the cvs extra care card. I am always searching for my key chain...lol thank you!!


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