Works for Me! - Fast & Easy Breakfast

If there's one thing I've learned in keeping up my energy throughout the morning, it's to make sure I have a decent breakfast. Between getting the kids their breakfast, my husband off to work, and the morning dishes, I try to squeeze something in to eat.

Here's my super easy and quick breakfast that I go to almost every morning. It's healthy, low in fat, and WAY better than McDonald's!

Egg Muffin (Cheese & toppings are optional)

  1. Take a whole wheat or light English muffin and get it going in the toaster.
  2. Scramble up an egg in a microwave-safe dish & microwave for about 1 minute (varies with different microwaves). I use my custard cups or something of that size to fit on my English muffin.
  3. Sprinkle some cheese if you'd like, salt, and pepper.
  4. Once the English muffin is toasted, add a small amount of butter, and top with scrambled egg.
This takes about 5 minutes total for me and I have a breakfast sandwich that I can start my day with. It's also great to whip up and send with my hubby to eat on his way to work. (Much better than Poptarts! shhhh) Add sausage, ham, onion, or green pepper for a little more filling.

Another option is to purchase one of these:

If this becomes a favorite breakfast of yours, the convenience of making it all with this one toaster/poacher might be a time saver. There are larger 2 sandwich models available as well if you need to make more than one at a time.


RainyPM said...

I love this breakfast, though I usually just scramble the egg in a pan. That toaster/poacher is brilliant! Sheer genius. :)

Lynn said...

We love doing these too. They make a great breakfast.

Jerralea said...

Wow, now I'm hungry ... I do love mcmuffins ...

Alesha said...

We make these alot when we go camping, everyone loves them. and your right much better for you than a pop-tart...

Hadley Coble said...

mmmmm...sounds delish!


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