I love blogging!

I started this blog almost a year ago, and have had so much fun learning the coupon game, saving through money saving tips, finding out how to get freebies, and so much more. I have met (via comments and email) some fabulous ladies and built up friendships online. I never thought that I would have as many readers as I do today!

Please know that this blog is not about becoming the most popular blog on the block. If it does, fine, but I love where it is as well! I am a wife and homeschooling mom of 3 children that I LOVE spending time with, so I truly cannot make this my full-time job. Got to keep priorities straight! However, this is a fun outlet for me to enjoy and I love the ministry of helping others save.

Many of you have learned how to do it all for yourselves, and I hope that you find this site to be an encouragement for you to keep doing what you're doing.

All in all, though there are weeks when I may not want to even LOOK at a coupon or a blog, you all keep me going! This blog is an accountability source for me. Saving money has indeed become a responsibility to me. I pray that is pleases my Lord as I strive in this very small way to be a better steward of His money...

We have seen many benefits and blessings to saving hundreds each month - all of which, God provided!


Lynn said...

I love this post Stephanie...so very true and I love your spirit of helping others save as well as yourself...our stewardship over our hard earned money is truly a blessing from God and makes us accountable for our bottom line with wise, frugal and prudent living and spending ! Thank you for all you do on your blog ! LOL

Jeannette said...

Thanks Stephanie for your work on keeping this blog - you have great perspective and your right about keeping your priorities straight. I don't post a comment often but I do check your blog almost daily.

Sheri Dodge said...

Well said!


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