Money Saving Tip! - Date Night In

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I have not read this book, but the title of it got me thinking... :)

When my husband and I were married almost 10 years ago, a wise person once told us to have a date night every week - no matter what came up. While I cannot say that we have held to this, we do try as often as we can to spend some alone time and stay connected. With 3 kids running around and taking our energy, this can sometimes be a hard thing to remember to do.

Then you add the financial aspect of date night... hiring a babysitter, going out to eat, maybe a movie - it can be quite expensive! So, maybe you just hire a babysitter and simply go out for coffee. That's one way to lower your date night costs. And even better, maybe you have family who can watch your children for free! That's fabulous!

If these are not options or are still too straining on your finances, might I suggest a 3rd option? ...one of which my husband and I take advantage of often.

Do a date night in! Plan on putting the kids to bed a 1/2 hour - 1 hour early (let them read before bed if that helps them keep quiet). Then, light some candles, put on soft music, rent a movie (often free at Redbox!), make a nice meal or order take-out. And then, just enjoy each others company.

If you're into coffee date nights...
There are all sorts of ways to have a date night in. Create a coffee shop flare in your dining room with a little tablecloth, find inexpensive unique coffee mugs or have some made through Cafepress or the like. Buy some delicious coffee or cocoa and some biscotti. I have a yummy recipe for biscotti HERE!

Maybe you like movie date nights...
Pop the popcorn, get some soda, cuddle up on the sofa, put your feet up and enjoy a good cuddle time with your loved one. (These are our go-to dates when it's just been a long week!)

Are you the outdoorsy type?...
Wait until it gets dark, throw a blanket down in your backyard and enjoy an hors d'ouevre picnic and champagne talking under the moonlight. You're still technically home and if you have a baby, just bring a monitor outside with you.

You don't have a to go "out" to have a date. The sky's the limit on special ways that you can spend quality time with your spouse. Make a date "in" this week! Surprise your spouse with a special invitation to your date in. They're sure to love it!


Shalet said...

If only I could my kids to bed early!! Fortunately for us the oldest can babysit and on occasion we find the time to hit happy hour.

Have a lovely Frugal Friday!

Anna said...

I really like the "outdoor" date night because inside the house would seem to have too many distractions. However, I am an outdoors type and my hubby isn't so I'd have to convince him. :)
Great suggestions!


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