Join Nielson Homescan & Earn Rewards!!

I have recently become a Homescanner and I love it! I've talked about it before, but not since I've started using it. So, I thought I'd give you a little more info on what this whole thing is all about. Here's my scanner that I use to scan my purchases each week.

I might add that this costs $0 out of pocket, and if I choose to stop at anytime, they provide the paid shipping labels to ship it all back to them. There is no risk involved.

To start up, they provided a list of stores in my area that I might shop at. I scanned in all the codes for the stores I would go to (took about 15 minutes total). Now, all I do is turn the scanner on, select the store for which I'll be scanning my purchases, and start scanning! It takes about 5 minutes - depending on how much I bought. Then, each week I make a call on the phone they provide and it sends through a fax-type signal through the phoneline which transmits my scans. That's it!

So, what's in it for me, you might ask?! I get to earn rewards such as practical items for around the house (kitchenware, cleaning items, and more), office, travel, children's items, etc. I choose from their gift catalog and I got to tell ya, I've got my eye on a few items! :)

So, if you're interested, you can be one of the lucky few. Join Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panel today! Click Here


JR911 said...

I received my scanner a couple weeks ago and read all of the instructions on what was required. WOOOF!!!!! I returned it back to them the very next day.

They don't tell you that you pretty much have to set up all the stores in your area, have to enter store, price, sale price, coupon value, coupon source, other shoppers with you, etc, etc on each purchase. Why don't they give that information up front instead of making you think all you have to do is scan the UPC code of each item you purchase and then transmit that in?

Good golly, I use coupons on everything I buy and I am certainly not going to take hours and hours to enter all that info for a few measly points a week. It would have taken me a year at least just to get something decent. They don't give you points based on the amount of work you put into it, just by the week.

Stephanie said...

JR911 ~
You're right that it does take a little bit of time. It was overwhelming to get the information they sent, but after looking it over for a few minutes, it was nothing at all to enter the stores into the scanner. I always have my shopping list (listing the coupons I used) and my receipt at hand when I'm scanning my purchases. Goes very quickly that way!

I understand that it may not be worth it for some, but for me (an at-home mom), I can take 5 minutes to do it. I only shop once a week, so it ends up being only 5 minutes per week!


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