Money Saving Tip! - Paper Towels vs. Dish Rags

How many of us use paper towels everyday to clean up spills - not to mention our messy kid's faces? I do! ...or rather did. But, have you noticed how expensive they can be? It's tough to find paper towels free these days. Occasionally, you can come across a great deal, but what do you do in between deals? Really, what did people do before paper towels?!

This ole' thing called the dish rag (or wash rag) was the item of choice for these types of clean-ups. I know a lot of people use sponges in the kitchen, but I switched from that years ago when I learned of all the bacteria that can grown in them. Yuck!! I know you can clean them, but it still costs more than simply using a washable dish rag.

Things like paper towels are making me wonder... Is it really a necessity?

Over 4 years ago, I purchased a 12-pk of mop cloths at Walmart. Here's an example of what I have. They are beat up, but still do the job of washing the yucky gunk off our pans and dishes. I grab a clean one every morning and it's what I hang over our kitchen sink for easy clean-up all day. I have found it to be the most effective way to clean my now-3-year-old son's face after meals as well. Paper towels have nothin' on this ole' rag!!

My rags are white, so I'm able to wash them in hot water with a little bleach for disinfecting each time. I'm probably due for some new ones finally. I'm considering these... :)

Give this oldie but goodie a try. You'll find you're saving a whole lot. One 18-pack of these mop rags is only $4 at Walmart, whereas paper towels for 4 years would cost you over $200! That's savings!

And as for washing windows and mirrors, grab that old T-shirt and cut it into rags. It works fabulously!


Dar said...

You will never know what lies ahead of you. You might get into some financial trouble when you don't any amount of money left to your account.

Dar said...

If you want to save some of the money that you earn you better save them now in order for you to have some money to be used in the future.

Margery said...

I almost exclusively use discloths, cleaning rags, and cloth napkins. I only use paper towels when I cook something *really* greasy, like bacon. I really like having the cloth napkins. I think it makes all our meals more elegant, not to mention greener!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Great post! I am starting to find more and more that reverting back to some old-fashioned ideas is the way to go. For saving money AND the environment!


Stop by and see me over at Free2BeFrugal!

Buffie said...

I switched to cloth napkins and dish rags a few months ago and love it. I still have some paper towels in the house that we use for really nasty jobs, but once they're gone I don't plan on replacing them.

Katie said...

Great tip, I need to be better at using less paper towels. I love your idea of getting out a fresh towel everyday to use that day.

Christy said...

We don't use paper towels in our house, we just use rags too.
We use newspaper wadded up to clean windows and mirrors. Works great and doesn't leave any streaks!


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