My Publix Deals (Natural Choices)

Okay, so I purchased more than this, but these are my best deals on the natural and health foods that I purchased. I was especially excited about the Kashi deals! Check out the savings and I hope it helps you to save on healthy foods this week!

Click on picture above for larger image.

Total Savings in Coupons = $24.26
Total Savings in Advertised Sales = $23.31
TOTAL OOP = $23.28
A Savings of 67%!!

Here's the Breakdown:
  • Kashi Cereal & Bars (4 each): $2.99 - 4 $1/2 from Kashi Coupon Booklet - 2 $1/2 Kashi Snacks Earth Fare Printable HERE (Earth Fare Q) = Paid $17.92/8
  • Kashi TLC Cookies (4): $3.29 - FREE wyb both Kashi Cereal AND Bars from Yellow Advantage Buy (Publix Q) = FREE/4
  • Blue Diamond AlmondMilk (2): $2.50 - 2 $.55/1 Blinkies = Paid $3.90/2
  • Crunchmaster Crackers (2): $2.50 - 2 $1/1 Printable HERE = Paid $3/2
  • Ray's Bagels (4): BOGO $3.49 = Paid $6.98/4 (These are our favorite bagels, so I stock up when they're BOGO - and they're all natural!)
  • Morningstar Entrees (2): BOGO $4.19 - 2 $1/1 Printable HERE = Paid $2.19/2
  • Morton Natural Sea Salt: $1.69 = Paid $1.69
To see a full list of Publix's Deals this week, Click HERE!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you posting the Natural foods you got on sale and with a coupon. Whenever I teach classes or on my facebook page, I have people ask me about that. They always think you have to pay a fortune and can't use coupons on organic or natural items. I always tell them, no-you can pay a lot less for some items. Thanks for posting this!

Tamarah said...

Great Trip! My blog focusus on Organic and natural deals and I'd love for you to link this post up..


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